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Women's Long Skirt Autumn Winter Elegant Long Skirt High Waist Fold Floor Ankle Length Knitted


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          Product Details
          Main fabric: Rayon
          Fabric Type: 95% Rayon, 5% Elastane
          Care instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or hang to dry.
          Product details: skirt hook type overlay
          Origin: Imported
          Colour: black, grey, khaki

          About this product
          This women's maxi skirt set focuses on comfort and is designed with a long, flowing, high-waisted women's maxi skirt. ​This women's summer maxi dress is elegant and perfect for women's business casual wear or women's business casual dress, women's office dress or women's office casual dress or women's church dress. This women's long stretch stretch skirt looks great even as a maternity maxi dress. ​
          Whether you prefer a high-waisted floor-length skirt or a maxi skirt, or a traditional long flowing skirt, this maxi skirt set has you covered. This women's shirt offers versatility. Designed specifically for women's long pleated maxi skirts, the high-waisted skirt straps can be easily folded down and worn if you want ankle length or zipped up for more belly coverage - a must-have for your capsule wardrobe!
          Long Summer Skirts for Women 2023, Fashion calls for lightweight maxi skirt outfits and this flowing maxi skirt set offers comfort and ease. This women's long flowy skirt is made from high-quality rayon fabric, soft and breathable knitted maxi skirt, perfect for women's casual summer skirt. When it comes to women's maxi skirts or women's maxi skirts, these long maxi tops for women are the most popular church skirts.
          Looking for a classic dress for women, these women's high waisted maxi skirts are the perfect choice. ​ This 3-piece women's skirt offers a flattering fit with its high waist. This women's broom skirt offers flexibility and is ideal as a casual maxi dress, office work dress or working from home, evening formal dress, everyday dress or when out walking.